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DriPHOS TLT is a solvent-based, single-tank, metal-cleaning and pre-treatment process developed by EnviroTech Surface Technologies that uses thin layer technology to produce consistent high-quality finishes.

Unlike conventional pre-treatment processes it uses only one tank to clean, pre-treat, rinse and dry components, which emerge warm to the touch and with a crystalline coating that improves adhesion and protects metals against in-house rusting or corrosion.

The DriPHOS TLT can replace existing aqueous multi-tank systems, reducing energy usage by at least 50 per cent, lowering process times to five-minute cycles, increasing throughput and utilising 60 per cent less space.

The system is based on the vapour-degreasing process but with the added benefit of surface pre-treatment in one tank. It uses a proprietary blend of compounds in a stable low boiling-point solvent carrier to dissolve the active chemicals that produce the protective, nano-thickness crystalline structure on the metal surface.

The coating has a large surface area to improve the adhesion of subsequent coatings, such as paint or powder, which are then more resistant to impact damage or scratches. The large increase in surface area is due to the unique ‘fish scale’ structure of overlapping crystals.

The coating flexes with the metal, greatly increasing corrosion protection compared to that of conventional aqueous pre-treatments.

The blend of non-flammable compounds and solvents has minimal environmental impact. Operating temperature is only 40°C and no drying is required after treatment, reducing costs and production of CO2.

Processed components are instantly available for further fabrication, assembly or finishing in industries such as domestic and office furniture, point of sale and retail displays where small batches of different colours are needed. Stored parts will not rust or corrode for long periods under normal conditions.

Operators employ the DriPHOS TLT process safely with equipment designed to ensure minimal emissions or exposure to solvent. The process is simple to maintain with ongoing technical support from EnviroTech partner and product specialist Fraser Technologies.

Regular testing of the liquids ensures trouble-free operations. Operators are trained on site to maintain the bath using the test kits supplied.

Importantly, quality control can be visually monitored instantly by observing the colour change on the metal surface, from iridescent blue through gold to red, showing the level of crystalline coating.

EnviroTech Europe Ltd

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply a complete range of metal cleaning, surface treatment and protection systems which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied through a qualified network of distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

The Best In Surface Treatment

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply a complete range of metal cleaning, surface treatment and protection systems which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied through a qualified network of distributors throughout the UK and Europe

Products and Services
Ensolv – Vapour Degreasing Solvents For Precision Cleaning
Environmentally friendly precision vapour degreasing and cleaning solvents for the aerospace, precision engineering, medical, optical and electronic industries.

EnSolv vapour degreasing solvents are the most effective alternative to trichloroethylene which is due to be phased out of use in Europe during 2016. Fast economical cleaning and degreasing in one tank using minimal floor area.

Aquus – Water Based Metal Cleaning And Pretreatment Processes
A range of innovative and sustainable water based metal cleaning and surface treatment products which prepare parts and fabrications for painting, powder coating or electroplating.

Phosphating systems are available to meet the needs of all manufacturers from office furniture to household appliances and for other more demanding applications in transport, aerospace, construction, oil and marine industries.

CORR-EX – Corrosion Protection Solutions
Specialist barrier film corrosion protection products, based on synthetic materials to provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly solutions to lubrication and corrosion problems.

Our solutions help to lubricate and control corrosion, and are unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination. Solutions for derusting, passivation, sealing and anti-corrosion packaging are also included in our product range.

Clarea – Industrial Degreasing Solvents
Environmentally safe wipe, brush, dip and immersion cleaning solvents for removing dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants from surfaces without causing harm or leaving residue.

A growing concern regarding environmental issues and health hazards of the most commonly used chlorinated solvents as degreasing agents has led to the formulation of this range of safer industrial cleaning solvents.

  • Our products and treatments offer a combination of benefits:
  • Cost effective solutions for all your metal cleaning and surface treatments needs
  • Processes are safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • Excellent customer service, technical support and training from qualified distributors throughout Europe

ProSolv – lower cost high performance fluorocarbon cleaning solvent

ProSolv – enables high performance cleaning at lower cost than other fluorinated solvent cleaners.A proprietary tertiary azeotropic formulation based on a fluorinated solvent which can be a direct replacement for chlorinated solvents ProSolv is extremely stable and simple to use meeting all the increasingly stringent legislative demands for safer, non flammable solvents with low environmental impact for the precision engineering and electronics industries

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