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Softcover has introduced Raster to Vector Auntie, a blog that advises AEC, CAD, GIS and CNC users how to convert scanned paper drawings into DXF vector files for editing in PC CAD or CNC programs.

Raster to Vector Auntie is written by Andrea Tribe, a director at Softcover, assisted by Steve Hannath, the editor of Scanners4CAD, Softcover’s independent non-commercial large-format scanner and scanning solutions website.

While Scanners4CAD provides AEC, CAD, GIS and CNC users with advice on how to get the best results from their wide-format scanners, Raster to Vector Auntie shows them how a properly produced scan can be quickly and efficiently converted into CAD-editable vector files.

Raster to Vector Auntie is a forum for AEC, CAD, GIS and CNC users troubled with issues or questions about raster to vector conversion in general or Scan2CAD in particular.

Raster to Vector Auntie provides concise, professional answers based on 15 years of daily experience converting paper drawings to CAD files with Scan2CAD.

‘The main problems besetting users are the type and quality of the original drawing, a lack of knowledge about scanning and poor attention to detail when scanning.

‘All of these result in inappropriate scanned images that are either lacking in image detail, are far too dirty and at the wrong resolution, most often too low,’ said Tribe.

Raster to Vector Auntie offers hints, tips and explanations on the raster to vector conversion process and how this can be enhanced through the use of Scan2CAD’s many powerful and flexible professional options.

In addition, the Raster to Vector Auntie blog contains articles about associated subjects, such as the availability and price of A1 / D-size and A2 / C-size scanners.

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