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Sentec has finalised a licensing agreement with Onstream to bring Sentec’s Mobius technology to the UK smart electricity meter market.

Onstream, which offers a range of meter asset management and installation services to UK energy suppliers, is using Sentec’s Mobius current sensor to produce a customised smart electricity meter that is developed specifically to fit the particular profile of the expanding UK market.

Onstream selected Sentec to assist in creating the right meter for the UK market, which will feature a sophisticated communications interface and metrology based on the Mobius current sensor.

Mobius technology is said to provide a cost-effective platform to simplify the design process.

The meter uses GSM, which allows it to use the strongest mobile network available for each site.

It has good memory capabilities, is both robust and reliable and can be upgraded remotely to meet existing and future standards and requirements around functionality, tariffs and home area networking.

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