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The ISL28218 40V single-supply, rail-to-rail output, precision, dual operational amplifier (op amp) is suited for applications including industrial, data acquisition and process control.

It is claimed to deliver an optimal combination of precision, low noise and the industry’s lowest temperature drift, as well as consuming half the power of competitive devices.

The ISL28218 is a dual op amp featuring single-supply operation and ground-referred inputs, and a rail-to-rail output that offers design flexibility when operating from a single or dual supply.

Its rugged input stage provides protection and wide common-mode voltage range that extends 0.5V below the negative rail.

This allows designers to use the ISL28218 in harsh environments, as well as in sensor applications where the signal can drop below ground.

The ISL28218 draws 1.1mA maximum supply current, which is half of the current required by competitive devices – according to the company.

The ISL28218 is suitable for applications that require better DC accuracy and AC performance, including instrumentation, data acquisition, precision power supplies and industrial controls.

It is said to provide industry-leading temperature drift, resulting in improved system accuracy over temperature.

In addition, the ISL28218’s low noise results in a higher signal to noise ratio.

Fabricated using Intersil’s proprietary precision silicon-on-insulator (SOI) bipolar process technology, the ISL28218 exhibits robust latch-up immunity.

It features high ESD ratings of HBM 3keV and machine model 300V, allowing it to perform reliably in harsh industrial environments over the entire -40 to 125C temperature range.

The ISL28218 dual rail-to-rail output amplifier is available now in an eight-lead SOIC package.

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