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The OPC Training Institute has released OPC Rescue, a diagnostic tool designed for anyone in the automation industry who wants to effortlessly eliminate their communication issues.

OPC Rescue enables end users to not only diagnose communication and security problems with their systems, but to also repair them instantly with the push of a button.

DCOM configuration is taken care of by the program, allowing end users to focus entirely on their systems.

With no installation required, OPC Rescue may be used with any brand of OPC applications.

According to the OPC Training Institute, the wizard-based interface makes it easy to diagnose and repair communications, configurations and security issues.

The diagnostic tool also handles more advanced settings, such as OPC communication on specific TCP/IP ports, DCOM settings, Windows firewall configuration and so on.

OPC Rescue’s Snapshot function instantaneously provides an organised and comprehensive report of all settings affecting OPC communication.

Its Security Audit function generates a report that outlines potential security risks that could compromise the integrity of a user’s industrial information.

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