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Open Mind Technologies has developed new intelligent functions for its HyperCAD 2009.1 package.

The 3D CAD system includes new display options for improved transparency, increased system performance and better quality control.

Project-specific CAD environments can now be created using templates and Hyper Reshape functions allow users to directly process STL data models.

HyperCAD 2009.1 is a comprehensive CAD environment with solutions for tool and mould construction.

Tools for electrode production or for controlling wire EDM are available as optional extras.

HyperCAD allows models to be generated from 2D or 3D drawings and also performs as a tool for manufacturing-oriented constructions for CAM programming and optimising model data.

A range of interfaces for numerous data formats including neutral interfaces such as Step or IGES and direct interfaces to Catia V4, Catia V5, Solidworks, NX or Pro/Engineer, ensure flexibility and reliability when dealing with external data.

The Hyper Reshape function allows STL data to be processed or modified and makes it possible to close holes, reduce STL networks and create boundaries.

Subcontractors will benefit from the hybrid processing of surfaces, solids and STL data that facilitates data exchange and cuts the number of CAD systems required.

Whether the user is working with a 2D drawing or a 3D model, native or imported data, a solid or a surface model, points or curves, the model can be designed and existing models altered without any limitations.

HyperCAD 2009.1 also ensures faster graphical display in the 2D area with improved quality control and more transparency due to new functions for displaying models on the screen.

Functions include shadowed view, the full-screen mode and additional options for detailed display.

The assembly function and colour management for individual components facilitates the assembly of modules.

There is also the option to create templates for project-specific CAD environments, which saves time for the user as project-specific settings such as layer, title block or colours are predefined when the program starts up.

The version-comparison function checks the design for differences and displays any that are found using colour coding, allowing the different stages of construction to be easily checked and analysed when versions have been changed.

An automatic backup file can then be created using the autosave function.

Associativity is guaranteed because HyperCAD and Hypermill ensure that CAD and CAM software draw on a common database.

If the CAD model is ever changed, the changes are also automatically reflected in the CAM software, so changes can be implemented quickly and the entire process benefits from time-efficient, automated programming and a reduced number of errors.

The design process is simplified by intelligent functions, such as surface feedback (Auto Patching) to STL meshes, surface repair, the generation of parting lines and draft geometry, and shrinkage compensation.

Smart Objects technology in HyperCAD also allows users to save and reuse standard and custom-defined intelligent-design elements and concepts.

When applied, these adjust to the different topologies and geometric data automatically.

Using the function for completing surfaces, users can continuously or tangentially extend or close off open areas with fill surfaces, quickly add in missing areas and link any surface to other components.

This creates a suitable environment for the generation of error-free milling paths.

Open Mind Technologies

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a leading developer of CAD/CAM software and postprocessors for designing and manufacturing complex moulds and parts. OPEN MIND offers an extensive range of products, from 2D feature-oriented solutions for milling standard parts through to software for 5axis simultaneous machining. With their hyperMILL software, which is used in the automotive, tool and mould manufacturing, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries, OPEN MIND Technologies AG is represented in all the important markets in Asia, Europe and North America.  

OPEN MIND’s solutions feature a user-friendly interface and the largest range of 2D, 3D and 5axis modules available to users. In addition, the company delivers a fully integrated product concept encompassing CAD solutions, plug-ins, interfaces and postprocessors that cover the entire manufacturing process from design to manufacture. We take our innovative ideas, long-time CAD experience and milling expertise and create technologically sound CAM strategies. OPEN MIND has made a name for itself internationally as a pioneer in innovative 5axis technologies. What makes OPEN MIND and its products special is the unique blend of computing and production expertise, experience and vision, and international character and individual service. This combination of qualities results in a constant stream of new ideas that help companies optimise their production processes.  

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