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Open Mind Technologies has introduced the 2012 version of its Hypermill CAM software, which includes automatic programming options for rectangular pockets, 3D roughing enhancements and new strategies for the five-axis machining of impellers and blisks.

The latest version of the software is also claimed to enable improved calculation and programming times.

Hypermill 2012 will be debuted at the AMB trade show in Stuttgart on 18–22 September this year. The company will be situated in hall four, booth B31.

Key enhancements

  • ‘Adaptive pocket’ machining mode — this enables the automatic programming of rectangular pockets
  • Axial sorting option — this allows users to avoid redundant movements; this option makes it possible to divide machining by area so that corners or pockets, for example, can be machined individually one after another
  • New roughing features in the five-axis impeller and blisk package — for the roughing of impellers, for instance, it is now possible to divide the machining region into a left and right pocket between the main blade and the splitter; this means that these areas can now be machined with different tools in a targeted manner
  • Flank mode — this enables swarf cutting near blade surfaces during roughing
  • Support for tapered tools for 3D ISO machining — this feature includes automatic collision avoidance
  • Inclined grooving function — this is designed for turning options and enables offset tools to be used
  • Improved pocket milling in the 3D roughing area — for the machining of pockets, the ramp is moved continuously in one direction and the pocket is then cleared from the outside in; thanks to the continuous inward movement of the ramp, the toolpath is optimised and zig-zag movements are avoided

Open Mind Technologies

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a leading developer of CAD/CAM software and postprocessors for designing and manufacturing complex moulds and parts. OPEN MIND offers an extensive range of products, from 2D feature-oriented solutions for milling standard parts through to software for 5axis simultaneous machining. With their hyperMILL software, which is used in the automotive, tool and mould manufacturing, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries, OPEN MIND Technologies AG is represented in all the important markets in Asia, Europe and North America.  

OPEN MIND’s solutions feature a user-friendly interface and the largest range of 2D, 3D and 5axis modules available to users. In addition, the company delivers a fully integrated product concept encompassing CAD solutions, plug-ins, interfaces and postprocessors that cover the entire manufacturing process from design to manufacture. We take our innovative ideas, long-time CAD experience and milling expertise and create technologically sound CAM strategies. OPEN MIND has made a name for itself internationally as a pioneer in innovative 5axis technologies. What makes OPEN MIND and its products special is the unique blend of computing and production expertise, experience and vision, and international character and individual service. This combination of qualities results in a constant stream of new ideas that help companies optimise their production processes.  

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