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Berson’s Openline range of open-channel UV wastewater-treatment systems has been designed to treat secondary wastewater flows of up to 95,000m3/day over a range of UV transmittances.

It utilises a new type of low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamp that offers stable UV output over its entire operating life of up to 14,000 hours.

The Openline range’s flexible, modular design means simple installation and maintenance, making it the ideal open-channel UV system for municipalities with low flow requirements.

Inspired by Berson’s Inline+ range of closed-vessel UV systems, the Openline is said to be the first plug-and-play open-channel UV system available on the market.

During installation, the unit is simply placed on a flat surface, the inlet and outlet piping is connected, and it is ready to use.

The totally self-contained unit negates the need to install lamp wires through conduits or connect chemical feed systems.

Automatic, long-life Viton wipers, powered by a self-contained air compressor, keep the quartz sleeves surrounding the UV lamps clean, ensuring optimum UV output at all times.

Wiper frequency is also easily adjustable.

The system’s ballasts have a variable output between 50-100 per cent and are easily accessible.

The interface of the PLC control system can be customised by the user to suit their requirements.

Lamp replacement and other routine maintenance tasks are also straightforward and can usually be carried out by on-site staff.

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