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Ophir-Spiricon has introduced the PE50-DIF pyroelectric detector, a laser power/energy detector that combines high damage threshold and high repetition rates with a wide range of wavelengths.

The PE50-DIF measures high repetition rate lasers over a broad spectral range of 193nm to 2.94um.

The detector measures pulse widths to 10ms and pulse rates to 3,000Hz.

While most high damage threshold detectors require multiple diffusers to cover the spectral range, the PE50-DIF uses a single diffuser to cover UV, visible and near IR wavelengths.

The PE50-DIF pyroelectric detector features a 35mm aperture.

For short pulses, the detector measures repetition rates to 3,000Hz with pulse widths of up to 30us.

For long pulses, the detector measures repetition rates to 250Hz with pulse widths of up to 1ms.

Millions of pulses can be measured with no change in calibration.

‘Built-in wavelength correction and high damage thresholds ensure the PE50-DIF provides the accuracy and repeatability needed for a diverse range of laser measurement applications, from photolithography to Nd:YAG laser welding,’ said Ephraim Greenfield, vice president of engineering, Laser Measurement Group, Ophir-Spiricon.

The PE50-DIF pyroelectric detector can do virtually everything a standard thermal head can do, such as power measurement with repetitive pulses, single shot energy and laser power tuning.

Users are provided with a range of information about the laser being tested, including pulse energy, average power, frequency, minimum and maximum values, missing pulses, time jitter and standard deviation.

Pulse energies can be displayed numerically or in graphs.

Up to 50,000 points of data can be stored on-board in nonvolatile memory and can be sent to a computer for analysis and storage.

The PE50-DIF works with all Ophir smart displays or PC interfaces, including the Orion PE, Nova, Nova II, Vega, Laserstar, USBI, Pulsar and Quasar.

Each display features a Smart Connector interface that automatically configures and calibrates the display when plugged into one of the company’s measurement heads.


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