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Vicon, a developer of motion capture products, has launched Bonita: a small optical capture camera for tracking and analysing motion.

Bonita is capable of capturing 240fps while being small enough to fit in the palm of the user’s hand.

The company has also launched the Tracker object tracking software, which is claimed to provide high data accuracy for integration in 3D applications.

Bonita is Vicon’s smallest optical capture camera, which is claimed to be accurate, reliable and affordable.

It can capture with positional accuracy down to 1mm in a 4 x 4m volume.

Key features of Bonita include: a single Power over Ethernet connection to the PC via an off-the-shelf Ethernet switch, enabling configuration and system connectivity; a variable focal length lens to enable full flexibility within a variety of environments; 68 high-powered light-emitting diodes; and a small form factor, meaning that the camera can be placed in small areas.

Tracker features: an optimised rigid body tracker providing reliable data that is tolerant to the occlusion of markers; a low-latency output that allows data to be received quickly after an observed event; and flexible integration with third-party applications, enabling the user to read the data stream from the system via TCP, UDP or VRPN.

This gives maximum compatibility with third-party applications or development environments such as C++ (Windows 32/64 or Linux), Labview, Virtools and TrackD.

Full support for Windows Vista enables Tracker to be used out of the box with the latest computers.

The Tracker software is compatible with Vicon MX3+, F-Series and T-Series cameras.

It can also be used independent of any hardware using the Vicon Virtual System Emulator.

This option is useful for third-party integrators who want to test Tracker data or produce plug-ins.

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