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Trend’s Optical Power Meter can be used to measure the output power from optical equipment or, in conjunction with other types of test equipment, to test fibre optic cables.

It features a robust design, a wide range of power measurement, high accuracy and long battery life.

It is calibrated at a large number of wavelengths to enable power measurements to be made on a wide range of single mode and multimode fibre optic cable systems.

The wavelength is selected by a dedicated push button on the front panel of the tester.

By transmitting light at a known power level at one end of a fibre using a laser source and measuring the power at the other end with the Optical Power Meter, the attenuation (loss) of the cable can be determined.

By calibrating the source with the meter connected directly, zeroing the meter and then inserting the cable, the cable loss can be measured directly.

Trend’s Optical Power Meter is a tester that enables field technicians or laboratory personnel to measure power and loss in optical links.

Its InGaAs detector has high accuracy, combined with a simple user interface, according to Trend.

The meter is supplied as standard with a set of adaptors, enabling it to be connected directly to FC, SC or ST terminated cables or any 2.5mm connector ferrule.

An optional adaptor for LC cables is available.

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