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Shear-Form Machine Tools has announced that the ACF Multiflex cornerformers are now available with optional tooling to enable corners to be formed using a thin mild-steel or stainless-steel sheet.

This specially designed flexible tooling is available for use on all Multiflex MF25, MF50 and MF100 cornerformers and enables fabricators to cold-form corners in thin mild steel or stainless steel with material thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 1.2mm.

It has been designed for manufacturers of medical equipment, steel furniture, shelving, kitchen appliances and other white goods, where thin materials are commonly used in the fabrication of products.

Cornerformers are used to manufacture easier prototyping and small-to-medium batches, with an advantage being that the part sizes are unlimited and flexible.

From the smallest part size of 60 x 60mm up to any part size, only the corner of the part is in the cornerformer when forming corners.

As with all ACF flexible tooling, a closed corner can be formed in about 13 seconds, including all manual part handling time.

This produces a total cycle time for a finished part (four corners formed and sheared) of 52 seconds.

The robotic handling of parts on cornerformers is also possible.

Using a Multiflex cornerformer is claimed to be an economic alternative to a power press and tooling as well as being easier and faster to set up.

The tool costs for a power press are said to be more expensive than a Multiflex cornerformer.

Multiflex cornerformers are designed to form high-quality and consistent corners, eliminating the need for welding and finishing works such as grinding or wire brushing.

When using zinc-coated mild steel, the zinc is pressed into the material surface when formed, providing a better protection against corrosion.

Using deep draw material for porcelain enamelling, cold-formed corners are suitable.

When using stainless steel, the cold-formed corners are rigid, accurate and attractive in shape and surface, according to the company.

In the food industry, formed corners prevent rust.

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