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Krohne has added the Optisonic 6300 XT sensor to its range of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for measuring liquids.

The Optisonic 6300 allows non-intrusive measurement of fluids with temperatures up to 200C or 392F.

The sensor and connection box of the Optisonic 6300 XT are made out of stainless steel, special transducers are integrated in the sensor construction, and a protection sleeve for the signal cable prevents damage from hot pipes.

The Optisonic 6300 XT is available in two sensor types; small and medium, for diameter sizes DN 15 to DN 400.

Target applications and markets for the Optisonic 6300 XT include heated hydrocarbons, molten sulphur, thermal oil, heat-traced MDI, carbamate in the petrochemical and chemical industry, hot water for district heating and condensate in the energy industry and CIP/SIP processes in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

In these applications, Optisonic 6300 XT offers many benefits, as it is easy to install, increases safety and provides accuracy and reliability.

The Optisonic 6300 XT can be installed on heated and insulated pipes without the need to cool down or shut down the process, saving on installation costs.

The Optisonic 6300 enables an immediate startup within 15 minutes, without the need for a specialist, training or special tools.

Special XT transducers are integrated in the sensor construction and the sensor itself can be easily fitted onto a pipe with its fixing units.

A signal-strength indicator on the converter display helps to choose the optimal position for the transducers.

Many high-temperature applications demand safety precautions to be taken.

Not having to cut the pipe for the installation of a flowmeter improves the safety of the process and the safety of the people installing the meter.

A clamp-on measurement limits potential leakage points.

The Optisonic 6300 XT has a robust clamping mechanism suited for industrial use.

The instrument monitors fluid anywhere, regardless of high liquid temperatures, pipe sizes or pipe material with or without a liner.

The tight and robust 316L screw connection of the signal cable to the stainless-steel sensor can be positioned at any angle between 0 and 45 degrees.

The system is approved for use in Atex Zone 1, meaning it withstands harsh environmental conditions and can be applied in hazardous areas.

Regreasing has never been as simple, safe and efficient as with the Optisonic 6300 XT; it can be done in just a few steps, minimising maintenance time.

Because the transducers are integrated in the sensor construction, they are placed back at the exact same position as before and there are no deviations in the measurement results before and after regreasing.

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