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The Optogan Group, a specialist in the manufacture of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), has placed a multi-system order for Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s etch and deposition systems.

These include Plasmapro System133 ICP and Plasmapro 800Plus RIE etch systems and a Plasmapro 800Plus deposition system.

The Plasmapro System133 process tool offers a batch etch capability of up to 27 x 2in for GaN on sapphire wafers, while the Plasmapro 800Plus tools are said to be a flexible solution for plasma etching and deposition processes on large wafer batches of up to 43 x 2in, in a compact-footprint, open-loading system.

The Optogan Group develops and produces HB LEDs for applications including solid-state lighting and has ordered the systems for installation at its high-volume production manufacturing line in Landshut, Germany.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

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