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Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting and Bill Gatliff will host an introductory session to Linux from 6-8 May in Maynard, US.

This three-day intensive introduction includes hands-on exercises covering topics including: kernel modules; user space device drivers; new PWM API; real-time Linux; and interrupt handlers.

This workshop is suitable for embedded developers who are responsible for their application’s firmware design and development.

It presumes a familiarity with basic C programming concepts and some prior embedded system programming experience.

Motivated students without previous embedded experience are also encouraged to attend.

Each student must provide their own laptop (or desktop) computer that provides an available network connection (wired or wireless).

This computer will be used to connect with an in-class server supplied for compiling lab examples and other source code, and for establishing connectivity to the lab hardware.

Assistance will be provided to students wishing to replicate the server’s cross compilers and other tools on their own laptops.

Exercises are performed on an ARM single-board computer that the student keeps.

The course also utilises a custom-designed N-scale model train layout supporting PWM speed control, infrared sensors and I2C communications.

Bill Gatliff is a leading embedded Linux instructor and has provided freelance Linux training and development services for more than a decade.

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting

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