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Newport’s Oriel IQE 200 system allows researchers to measure external quantum efficiency (EQE) and internal quantum efficiency (IQE) for solar cells, detectors, or other photon-to-charge converter.

The system utilises industry-standard, durable Oriel components for the light management engine.

Each model of the IQE-200 system provides the light source, monochromator, detectors, related electronics, software and PC in a pre-configured, assembled and calibrated format.

A variety of accessory modules are available to provide positive sample positioning, temperature control, electrical probing capabilities and light bias.

The IQE-200 incorporates a detector geometry that splits the beam allowing for simultaneous measurement of EQE and the reflective losses to quantify IQE.

An accessory detector can be mounted to allow for measurement of transmission through the cell for those samples on a transparent substrate.

The design of the AC system meets the requirements outlined in ASTM Method E 1021-06.

The IQE-200 accessories customise the system to perform QE measurements incorporating temperature control, light biasing and even motorised mapping capabilities all controlled by the QE Commander software system.

Adding a source meter also allows for point measurements of the IV response of the cell.

In conjunction with motorised mapping, it allows the user to ‘map’ the IV performance of the cell under test in a user definable pattern.

All Oriel components are available from Newport Corporation.

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