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ORing Networking has released the IGS-3044GP industrial Ethernet switch with full Gigabit ports.

ORing’s IGS-3044GP is a fully managed switch that supports eight Gigabit ports with four ports of 10/100/1000Based-T(X) and four ports of 1000Based-SFP, which achieve the demands of multiple flow Gigabit environment.

Network performance is also assured through the IGS-3044GP’s software features including DHCP Server, VLAN, QoS, MSTP, RSTP, LLDP, 802.1x, IGMP snooping, SNMP, LACP, and so on.

The IGS-3044GP series comes free with the network management Windows utility Open-Vision Pro.

Open-Vision can configure all Ethernet switches in the local network within a single step.

The built-in topology view can show the deployment of ORing’s Ethernet switches in local network, and the network flow analysis can monitor the traffic flow among ORing’s Ethernet switches in the local network.

IGS-3044GP series supports various private network redundant technologies such as protocol O-RSTP, ORing and Open-Ring, which minimise the recovery time of redundant ring and the data loss caused by any accident.

With built-in digital diagnostic monitoring, IES-3044GP can recognise different modes of SFP transceivers and monitor the status of SFP instantly.

IGS-3044GP also supports power relay, which could help the users to detect the failure of power input.

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