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Richmond System Technologies has introduced the ETG Orion 3100, a multipoint area monitoring system designed to detect airborne molecular contamination in ambient air.

The Orion 3100 sequentially draws gas to an analyser or gas sensor and reads the concentration.

It features data handling and reporting software, is based on the ETG STGA 100 trace gas analyser and uses either ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) or gas chromatography – ion mobility spectrometry (GC-IMS) technology for gas detection.

IMS is a simplified atmospheric pressure time-off-flight technique that is highly selective with low parts-per-billion (ppb) to percentage sensitivity.

The system is designed for the continuous ultra-low-level measurement of one or more hazardous gases in ambient air from a maximum of 45 sampling points.

Applications include the continuous detection of one or more of C12, Hf, HC1, NH3, NMP, SO2 and so on at the sub-ppb level in ambient air – particularly in semiconductor fabrication plants.

The STGA 100 is virtually drift free and is unaffected by humidity or temperature changes.

It is factory calibrated for the compounds of interest to provide maximum accuracy and reliability.

Low maintenance and downtime is achieved through the simplicity of design and limited moving parts.

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