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Ormec’s Servowire Motion and Logic Controller (SMLC) system typically co-ordinates a network of Servowire (Firewire) drives for applications where co-ordinated multi-axis motion is needed.

In cases where axes are required that do not need such tightly co-ordinated motion, the more cost-effective XD-Indexer drive can be integrated into the SMLC system via Modbus TCP communication.

The total number of drives on an SMLC can be expanded beyond the Servowire limit of 16 to more than 100.

Overall project costs are reduced, with the ability to choose the optimal drive for the performance required on a per-axis basis.

The SMLC features a high-performance computing capability and offers Codesys IEC 61131-3 programming, PLCopen motion function blocks, industrial Ethernet network solutions and Firewire-based drive networking for demanding multi-axis motion and input/output (I/O) control applications.

Servowire drives from Ormec are offered in more than 14 models with onboard I/O and output currents ranging from 2.5A to 60A.

Both encoder and resolver feedbacks are available.

The XD-Indexer drives are quickly and easily programmed with table-based software.

They provide 32 independent motion profiles synchronising motion with machine I/O.

This drive features fully functional indexing capabilities.

The Codesys program in the SMLC uses a library of function blocks to command the indexing sequences.

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