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The new Oslux light-emitting diode (LED) from Osram Opto Semiconductors is said to be brighter and smaller than previous LEDs and provides uniform light thanks to a chip employing UX:3 technology.

This advancement, coupled with an optimised lens, produces a 50 per cent increase in brightness over the first-generation Oslux LED.

The new Oslux LED for flash applications has an area of 3.9mm and a height of 2.5mm (previously 3mm) and is 50 lux brighter, increasing its output to 150 lux.

The light is evenly distributed over the surface and can illuminate a wider area compared to previous chip technologies, according to the company.

In addition, the common dead spot in the centre of the illumination area is completely absent.

The high brightness of the Oslux LED flash is the result of new UX:3 chip technology, which makes the LED capable of handling high currents while generating even more light from the chip.

Osram Opto claims that the Oslux LED is more efficient at high currents than previous LEDs and offers excellent luminous efficacy in a small area.

Gunnar Klick, marketing manager consumer at Osram Opto Semiconductors, said: ‘Our Oslux is perfect for the fast-growing design-based smartphone and cell-phone segment.

‘Even extremely thin phones can now be equipped with a powerful LED flash so they can deliver pictures of superb quality,’ added Klick.

The Oslux LED is available with two different lenses that determine the percentage of centre brightness (20 per cent or 40 per cent) distributed to the corners of the flash area.

At a distance of 1m, the LED flash uniformly illuminates the subject in a rectangular area (90cm), which is sufficient to produce sharp pictures even in low light conditions.

The selected lens is integrated in the LED and matched to the beam characteristics of the top-emitting UX:3 chips.

For users who wish to supply their own lens packages, Osram offers the Ceramos, a bright lens-free flash LED.

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