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Osram’s redesigned LED Designer tool for illuminated advertising offers extended functions, simplifying the planning and implementation of backlighting applications.

In six steps, users can design their required backlighting, including all the components online.

The online LED Designer software has been revised and its purpose is planning various backlighting applications.

All of the company’s light-emitting-diode (LED) modules, which are used in illuminated advertising, such as Backlight or Dragonchain, are included in the estimate.

Based on data that the user enters, the programme automatically calculates the number of components required and the proper arrangement of LED modules for each order.

This guarantees homogeneous backlighting without visible light points in any project.

An improved calculation method provides more precise results than the previous programme.

By registering, users can save their projects and edit them at any time.

The six planning steps for backlighting with LED are: selecting the type of backlighting, such as text, graphic design or a basic form; choosing the LED project’s required measurements; configuring the basic colour and the acrylic glass; defining the LED module and the required application brightness; allocating the appropriate power supplies; and entering any special requests for installation or similar.

All the LED application details are then calculated, including any system components and order data required and listed in a PDF file.

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