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Osram Opto Semiconductors has released its advanced-power TopLED Plus optimised light-emitting diode (LED), which has been designed primarily for architectural and sales lighting.

It combines brightness with high luminous efficacy of up to 90lm/W and comes in a robust package, according to the company.

It is a suitable light source for applications that call for bright light but in very small spaces, such as for highlighting edges and contours or for illuminating surfaces in a uniform light.

The TopLED Plus has a luminous flux of up to 27lm (100mA/5,700K).

It is, on average, 15 per cent brighter than the standard version and it is available in different white tones from 2,700K to 6,500K.

This means that different white light colours from warm white to cold white can be achieved and all the requirements from linear lighting applications to strip lighting and surface illumination can be met.

The LED is suitable for illuminating the facades and outlines of buildings and is ideal for applications in retail outlets, such as in freezer cases.

It also features low power consumption and small dimensions.

This small high-intensity LED has a typical beam angle of 140 degrees and a homogenous white colour from every viewing angle.

Its small dimensions enable light to be mixed in small spaces.

The company claims that a large number of small LEDs produce a more homogenous light on a surface than a few large LEDs.

The advanced-power TopLED Plus is specified for a connected load of up to 0.5W.

Heat is dissipated via gull-wing connections to the lead frame and the PC board, meaning that there is no need for expensive thermal management.

From this summer, the product will be the latest addition to Osram’s LED portfolio, which includes LEDs with outputs from 0.25W to 18W.

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