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The TopLED Black series with lens from Osram Opto Semiconductors can achieve a typical luminous intensity of 1.9cd at 20mA.

This means that it is as bright as a comparable light-emitting diode (LED) in a white package but offers higher contrast and fewer reflections.

The TopLED Black series with lens offers high contrast and good legibility in all lighting conditions, according to the company.

Its black package ensures that there are hardly any reflections from incident light.

Displays equipped with black-body LEDs are claimed to be very sharp, even in strong sunlight, with high contrast and distance legibility.

The 60-degree beam angle of the LED has been optimised for display applications so that the light is focused for perfect viewing.

The LED is, therefore, suitable as a replacement for conventional radial LEDs.

It provides the same luminous intensity as a comparable LED in a white package.

The TopLED Black series will, initially, be available in red and yellow.

It is equipped with a thin-film chip that guarantees high luminous efficacy.

As ‘surface emitters’, thin-film LEDs emit almost all their internally generated light from their surface.

As an SMT component, the LED is suitable for automatic handling, which means that displays can be manufactured at a lower cost than with radial LEDs, according to the company.

Typical applications include fuel price totem signs, destination displays on trams and buses and all types of public-transport passenger information systems.

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