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Light-emitting diodes from Osram Opto Semiconductors are responsible for the low and high beams and other specific lighting functions in the Audi A8.

LEDs offer enhanced driver safety through improved visual contrast, warmer colour temperature and active electronic control.

In the A8, Osram Ostar LEDs have advanced headlamp lighting beyond simple low and high beams.

Special lighting functions such as motorway beams, cornering lights and all-weather lights are now handled by LEDs.

The technological progress is readily identifiable and the individual light sources are visible in the headlamps.

The Ostar headlamp is available as a product platform with up to five LED chips.

A conversion process provides a seamless white colour impression at maximum brightness levels.

Typical light values achieved for each LED chip are 160lm at 700mA.

Depending on the variant and operating current, values between 125 and 1,100lm are achievable.

With its scalable brightness, the Ostar headlamp is suited to all headlamp functions, such as low and high beams, cornering lights, fog-lamps and for use in daytime running lights.

The operating life of LEDs is said to be at least as long as that of the vehicle, effectively making lamp replacements unnecessary.

The Ostar headlamp LEDs fitted in the A8 illuminate the road surface with high definition and without glare, and produce a light similar to daylight, which enhances perceptions of contrast.

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