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Osram Opto Semiconductors has revealed that its LEDs support high technical standards for Dolby’s LED-backlit professional reference monitor, targeted at film and TV production and post-production.

The Dolby PRM-4200 professional reference monitor is designed specifically for professional content creation applications and uses 1,536 Ceramos RGB LEDs.

Osram’s LEDs are said to provide high performance with wider colour gamut, good colour accuracy, higher dynamic range and true deep blacks.

The Dolby PRM-4200 professional reference monitor is a 42in LED backlit LCD tailored for professional applications that require accurate and true colour reproduction, increased dynamic range, and deep black levels as well as good greyscale tracking.

The use of Osram’s Ceramos multi-chip LEDs in combination with Dolby’s proprietary dual-modulation and calibration technologies enables the display to meet these demanding requirements.

Conventional monitors with cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlighting have limited colour gamut and, for example, display deep blacks as dark grey.

Osram said the Ceramos MultiLED devices used by Dolby deliver the high performance required by the professional content creation industry.

The red, green and blue chips of the multi-chip LED are positioned so the colour mix has the same appearance when observed from a wide range of angles.

The LEDs ceramic package measures 0.9mm high and 3 x 4.5mm, making them ideal for flat backlights, and the ceramic package material makes them stable over a long period of time, with negligible degradation in brightness or drift in colours with lifetimes in excess of 50,000 hours.

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