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Outram Research has introduced USB memory drive functionality to its Ranger PM7000 power quality analyser, a Cat IV 600V Phase A powered analyser.

Only the memory stick needs to be replaced, allowing offline analysis of data and providing users with virtually unlimited memory capacity.

The PM7000 detects when a memory stick is plugged in and downloads the data to it automatically when it ends a recording session.

The download does not interfere with the ongoing recording and the timing of plugging and unplugging the stick is not critical.

If the emptied stick is later returned, and the logger is in FIFO mode (first in first out), the logger will ‘catch up’ and download all accumulated recording sessions not previously copied.

The PM7000 offers four voltage channels rated up to 1,000V and four current channels that can measure up to 6,000A, with an instrument measurement accuracy better than 0.25 per cent +/- 2 LSB.

The kit includes Rogowski coil current sensors, with a typical coil performance better than one per cent.

The analyser measures power quality to the IEC61000-4-30 standard, harmonics to IEC61000-4-7, and flicker to IEC61000-4-15.

These include measurement to the 50th harmonic, interharmonics and instantaneous flicker as well as short-term and long-term results, transients, high-speed waveform capture, symmetrical components, and sags and swells.

Three distinct, simultaneous recording mechanisms are available: waveform capture, which provides high-speed sampling to 1.22M samples per second on all inputs; troubleshooting using Outram’s single-cycle Adaptive Store to capture detail of intermittent power quality problems on up to 32 selected parameters over long recording periods; and approximately 500 general parameters at (selectable) fixed intervals for applications such as demonstrating compliance to standards.

Data stored on a memory stick can be imported into Pronto for Windows, Outram’s data analysis package.

This tool, which is supplied free of charge with all Outram power quality analysers, allows users to graph and analyse data, create hard copy reports, and even export to other software packages for further processing.

By using Adaptive Store, the PM7000 helps customers troubleshoot problems with pre-stored configurations set for three-phase, two-phase and single-phase measurements.

Users can also configure their own set-up and mathematical calculation requirements and save them to non-volatile memory.

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