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RDM Industrial Services, a manufacturer of industrial ovens, has added Lanemark’s FD-C (GA) gas burner to its choice of heating systems with the aim of offering its customers improved performance and cost savings.

RDM Industrial Services, based in Manchester, uses gas in nearly 50 per cent of the ovens it manufactures and anticipates that the latest burner system from Lanemark will enhance its ability to produce ovens that meet precise customer needs.

According to Lanemark, the FD-C (GA) packaged burner allows changes in process heat demand to be transmitted directly to the burner, by a modulating control signal, which then enables the speed of the burner combustion air fan to be varied, with the burner-windbox differential air pressure increased or decreased accordingly.

These pressure changes are then transmitted to the master gas control valve, which adjusts the gas flow rate — ensuring a safe and efficient gas-to-air ratio is maintained at all times.

Key benefits of product application

  • The FD-C (GA) is designed to provide flexible, high-turndown control of both gas and air.
  • It does this through utilising ‘air pressure lead’ (APL) monobloc gas valve technology. 
  • It is designed to respond to change, which fixed gas and air-valve linkage control arrangements cannot do so easily.
  • Its absence of mechanical linkages eradicates the risk of operation sticking.
  • According to Lanemark, the FD-C (GA) is suited to painting and powder coating, which is important for RDM units.
  • RDM claims that the versatility of Lanemark burners suits the modular approach it takes with its ovens.
  • The company also reports that the efficiency of Lanemark burners often enables oven chambers to be resized downwards, saving money and space.

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