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Quick disconnect fittings provide a convenient and efficient way to connect and disconnect fluid lines. Used across a myriad of industries and available in multiple sizes and types, quick disconnects will cause problems if not installed properly.

Quick release couplings from Dixon comprises of a full range of interchange couplings for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications, engineered to the highest specification in order to flawlessly fit existing hoses and couplings.

Dixon have been manufacturing quick release fittings for over 25 years and have a vast experience in recommending the right connection and identifying solutions for customers. Here, we outline five conditions under which quick disconnects are bound to fail and suggest a better solution for each application.


The problem: Standard sleeve lock quick disconnects used in applications involving vibrations can develop brinelling when connected directly to the tool. The term “brinelling” means dimples or grooves worn into the shoulder of the male half by locking balls in the female half.

The solution:  In applications that involve vibration or high impulse, we recommend a whip hose between the tool and quick connect to help buffer the vibration. Thread together quick connects, like the VEP and WS series, are typically a good fit for these applications.

The term “brinelling” is named after the Swedish metallurgist Johan August Brinell, 1849-1925, who developed a test that measures the relative hardness of metals and alloys by forcing a 10mm steel ball into a test piece with a 3,0000kg load for 30 seconds.

2.Side Load

The problem: Side loading a quick disconnect causes heavy brinelling on the top groove of the plug or valve that damages, and will often crack, the coupling sleeve and valve.

The solution: Dixon recommends always mounting quick disconnects in the direction of the load.


The problem: Dirt and debris can contaminate any system, causing damage to the couplings and other components in the assembly.

The solution: Always use dust caps and plugs when couplings are not connected and remove dirt prior to connecting couplings. Dixon offers caps and plugs for most hydraulic quick disconnect series.


The problem: Full rotation with a quick disconnect will cause cold forming of a nipple groove and score lines in the coupler leading to separation.

The solution: Always use a swivel when full rotation is needed.

5.Human Intervention

The problem: Using hammers to release pressure in a hydraulic line can cause immediate damage to any fitting.

The solution: Dixon offers the HTE-Series, HTZ Series and other thread together options for applications that require connect under pressure

6.Product Cross Contamination

The problem: Product cross contamination, wasted time identifying connections and equipment damage caused by incorrect connections.

The solution: The HT-Series Correct Connectcolour bands provide a solution by helping to easily identify product, seals, materials or sizes for an application and helps with preventative maintenance schedules.

In many cases having help to identify the best type of quick coupling for the application can overcome many common problems. With a wealth of experience and engineering expertise the team at Dixon can support customers in finding the best solution. Dixon specialise in the bespoke design of speciality couplings to meet the requirements of our customer including miniature and high pressure automatic connect couplings.

A wide selection of materials including Steel, Aluminium, Brass, 316 & 303 Stainless Steel are available; thread configurations including BSP & NPT and body sizes ranging from 1/8” through to 2” ensure compatibility in a variety of installations. The Dixon range of manual quick release couplings is ideal for applications where full and smooth flow paths need to be maintained.

Dixon also offer Dry Disconnect and Safety Breakaway Couplings and Adapters; to find out more about the Dixon range head to or ask us for our Quick Couplings brochure today by contacting our customer sales department on 01772 323529

Dixon Group Europe

Dixon Group Europe Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hose, valves and coupling products for use across a wide range of industries.

Dixon Europe are driven to provide ‘the right connection’ in meeting specific hose and coupling requirements across all industries. Our core values in service, technical support, training and advice ensure the correct specification of bespoke hose assemblies and couplings.

Dixon are now pleased to support customers serving the procurement needs for following products:

  • Metallic Hose Assemblies
  • PTFE Hose Assemblies
  • Food & Beverage FDA Hose Assemblies
  • Hygienic Fittings & Unions
  • Bespoke Fabrications
  • Hygienic & Industrial Valves
  • Engineered Products
  • Safety Breakaway Couplings
  • Quick Release Couplings
  • Asset Management

Dixon will not compromise on high quality control, utilising assurance standards and inspection procedures at each critical step of the production process. We are PED 2014/68/EC accredited with Lloyds, BS certified and have 6 welders all who are ASME IX certified.

The vast product portfolio enables Dixon to recommend and specify the correct components for your fluid transfer applications, offering joint site audits where applicable.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team below to find out how Dixon can provide you with ‘The Right Connection’

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