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Marden Edwards has revealed that Belgian chocolate maker Caluwe Artisan has upgraded its packaging capabilities by introducing the BX100FF overwrapper to its production line.

The upgrade from traditional hand-wrapped methods to an automated solution was required due to increased demand for its product range.

Caluwe Artisan worked closely with local Marden Edwards trade partner Christian Holcomb of Bipack Packaging Machines on the machine requirements.

Dennis Goelen, production manager at Caluwe Artisan, said: ‘We needed an automated wrapping solution that could overwrap not one but two different-sized chocolate cartons.

‘I wanted to increase output without damaging the chocolate contents,’ he added.

The BX100FF was engineered in order to meet the requirements set by Caluwe Artisan.

Additional components included enhanced tight paper wrap change parts (specific to paper-based overwrapping), chocolate protector sections to prevent heat damage to paper and product, and paper print registration facilities to ensure consistent overwrapping presentation of print around product.

A further addition to the BX100FF included rapid tool-less changeover parts to enable carton size changes from 108 x 101 x 62mm to 250 x 150 x 62mm in less than 20 minutes, while performing overwrapping output speeds of up to 35 cartons per minute.

Tony Strutt, sales manager at Marden Edwards, said: ‘All modifications applied to the BX100FF were supplied in order to meet the requirements set by Caluwe Artisan.

‘Each part is vital in ensuring the product, package and overwrap are maintained and enhanced and the BX100FF model certainly achieves that,’ he added.

Since the introduction of the BX100FF, Caluwe Artisan’s overwrapping output levels have increased by 35 per cent.

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