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Securitas Alert Services and Metod Localisation has selected Owasys equipment to develop the Truck Guard localisation security system.

Through a localisation system developed by Metod, the Truck Guard detection system from Securitas Alert Services protects the cargo and ensures safety to the driver in the cabin and the trailer.

The system was developed through the Owa21A, Owasys hardware with a Linux operating system and open platform.

Specifically designed for trucks, tractors and trailers, the Securitas Alert Services system is a deterrent used in critical situations such as theft and other emergency circumstances.

The alarms work 24/7 in real-time and are monitored by a high-risk monitoring centre.

In case of an emergency, the vehicle is immediately located and the emergency authorities can be dispatched.

The localisation, together with the remote control, gives security to drivers and vehicles in any circumstance throughout Europe.

Truck Guard includes the following alarms: panic button for the driver; intrusion detection by magnetic contact in the opening systems; non-authorised movement; alarm for when the battery/energy is low; two-way communication; and working system supervision.

During 2007, the system was installed in a first phase in a fleet of trucks for a high-risk retail company.

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