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Codeology has installed a P100 print-and-apply system utilising its I-Bar design and network software at the Cheese Warehouse.

Steve Dilworth, factory manager of the Cheese Warehouse, said: ‘Our previous system of pre-printing labels and hand-applying them was very labour intensive and wasteful.

‘We also had the possibility that an incorrect roll of labels may be used causing issues later within the supply chain.

‘Now the P100 has been installed we have confidence that we are applying the correct labels and have seen an increase in efficiency with less labour requirement.’ Codeology specialises in the design and manufacture of automated print-and-apply systems that exceed GS1UK and retail standards set out for barcoding secondary packaging.

The company’s equipment is predominantly built out of stainless steel and is suitable for all environments, especially those that run 24/7.

Codeology also offers a two-year warranty.

Customers who have high-volume labelling requirements who currently hand-apply labels will benefit from automating this process and reducing labour requirements.

For basic date/batch/product description that does not require barcodes, Codeology manufactures a range of high-quality, low-cost, network-compatible large character inkjets.

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