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Products 4 Automation’s (P4A’s) Movicon BA building automation software reduces building operating costs and enables facilities managers to centrally monitor their real-estate assets.

Offering all the open benefits of an XML-based solution, Movicon BA is an all-in-one visualisation and control software that enables managers to integrate building features such as climate, lighting, security, electrical distribution, fire detection, lifts and other systems and to control and monitor them centrally.

This control can be across single or multiple sites with an integrated web client providing secure, reliable access from anywhere in an enterprise.

Integrating the flexibility, scalability, functionality and connectivity aspects of P4A’s Movicon 11 Scada package, Movicon BA is characterised by its open architecture, which simplifies the integration of building automation protocols such as Lonworks, Bacnet and Modbus, and its graphics, which enable end users and independent system integrators to quickly develop and deploy building management solutions.

In developing solutions with Movicon BA, the systems integrator benefits from all the functionality typical of Scada systems but with enhanced visualisation potentialities.

The developer is provided with an object-oriented environment, with powerful management for alarms, historical logs in DBMS (such as SQL Server, Oracle, Msaccess), trends, scenarios, schedulers and control logic.

All of these facilities are ready to use and are provided in one programming environment.

Movicon BA also delivers hardware independency.

This means that BA systems can be integrated into any type of architecture, such as desktop PCs, media centres, tablet PCs and touch panels.

In addition, advanced facilities also enable users to access their systems through the web, using any internet browser or Java phone, from wherever they may happen to be in the world.

For developers using the system, creating BA supervision projects with Movicon BA is said to be simple and fast.

An object-oriented editor allows developers to create graphical interfaces with animated and interactive screen pages, using the full range of vector graphics, or integrators can apply their own BMP, GIF and JPG drawings.

In addition, preconfigured graphics libraries, communication drivers, alarm management, historical logs and control, event scheduling, trends and charts are all integrated into the software environment.

Movicon BA requires one development environment for all supervision and control systems, thus reducing learning, training personnel and maintenance costs.

The software licences are scalable, flexible and upgradeable to Movicon 11.

Products ranges available from P4A include touch-screen human-machine interfaces and flat-panel PCs, Scada software and plug-ins, a range of Scada-enabled hardware, alarm plug-in software for large automation systems and production intelligence software systems.


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