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Products4Automation (P4A) has released an updated version of its Movicon Scada software, which offers production process information flow in real time on an enterprise-wide basis.

Movicon 11.2 now runs on Windows CE to Windows 7 and introduces a series of new features in the areas of graphics and alarm management and editor, tag, licence and network management.

The Scada/HMI platform is completely based on XML and web services technologies, from Windows Vista to Windows CE.

The openness and flexibility of the package are said to make it a suitable Scada/HMI supervision solution for any automation sector.

The ‘XML-Inside’ technology integrated into Movicon 11.2 offers an all-in-one development environment for managing HMI, Scada, Soft-Logic and statistical production data analysis applications.

A supply of open, flexible and simple-to-use tools are provided to help the user save time in project development.

The new features in release 11.2 are designed to make Movicon Scada even more flexible, scalable, open, secure and networkable.

In the area of graphics management, Movicon 11.2 sees improvements such as improved buttons, meters and sliders, and enhancements to large Window object graphics, such as tables, trends and schedulers.

Movicon 11.2 has new functions for alarm templates in bit format, a new tool for importing/exporting alarms in CSV files, and ‘Ack All’ and ‘Reset All’ commands for each alarm area.

Higher functionality has also been integrated into tag management, with an enhancement to structure variable management.

This is an option for setting the properties of each single member directly within the variable structure to which it belongs.

In addition, there is also an ‘Alias’ management for objects used on screen.

By using the Alias function, users can now replace variable names, constant values, variables or part of expressions used in controls in runtime.

In addition to its operational enhancements, Movicon 11.2 also offers user benefits in terms of improved licence management.

A USB SG Lock hardware licence has been added that is compatible with the previous USB management.

Moreover, users can get ‘one-shot’ activation for once-only installations with ‘ready-to-try’ licences valid for 30 days’ use upon entering the relevant activation code.

In common with all previous versions of Movicon 11, version 11.2 is based completely on standard technologies, making sure that user investments are safeguarded.

XML, ODBC, OPC, VBA, SOAP, web services, TCP-IP and SQL technologies have all been integrated in the platform to guarantee easy data access and transparency.


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