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The aluminum compatible Microcomp hermetic receptacle from PAandE can save even more weight when using Souriau’s lightweight, high-density Microcomp connector line in harsh environment applications.

Souriau’s Microcomp connector range is well suited to any application that requires a lightweight, high-density rectangular connector.

Microcomp connectors typically weigh 60 per cent less and are 25 per cent smaller than standard high-density Sub-D connectors.

They can be built with as few as seven or as many as 104 contacts and have a contact pitch of 2.0 x 1.7mm2.

The Microcomp line comes in both space and military-grade configurations and each connector offers dismountable contact construction for wiring flexibility.

The aluminum compatible PAandE Microcomp hermetic receptacle is currently designed for the Microcomp 25-pin configuration and offers weight savings of up to 40 per cent when compared to stainless-steel alternatives.

It has a leak rate of less than 1×10-9cc/s helium at one atmospheric differential pressure thanks to PAandE’s Kryoflex polycrystalline ceramic.

Kryoflex-sealed connectors provide superior electrical performance – up to 70 times the current-carrying capacity of conventional products – while withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses.

The Microcomp hermetic receptacle provides an insulation resistance of greater than 5,000 megohms at 500V DC when tested in IAW MIL-STD 1344, Method 3003.

It is built with beryllium copper alloy contacts that are finished in nickel/gold and has an operating temperature range of -55C +170C.

The Microcomp receptacle is designed for aluminum, titanium or iron/nickel alloy applications and is available in laser-weldable or O-ring mount styles.

These receptacle connectors are also available in a double-ended bulkhead configuration for applications requiring an interconnection on both sides.

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