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A pallet lift supplied by Tecmach has increased efficiency and reduced work-related injuries at a Warburtons bakery depot in Enfield, UK.

The Enfield depot recently faced a common dilemma within the food industry: how to efficiently process heavy batches of raw ingredients by reducing manual handling while removing the risk of serious injury for the workforce.

Ingredients are generally delivered in 25kg sacks that have to be lifted safely and comfortably to the working feed height.

For instance, feeding the flavouring hopper for drinks or crisps production, or in the case of seeded bread, the mixing sieve.

Mixed seeds containing linseed, millet, poppy, sunflower and sesame seeds will settle in transit and become self-sorted by size and weight.

To ensure consistency it is necessary to manually process the sacks, thus guaranteeing an even mix and resulting in each of the millions of loaves baked being the same.

This process also assures the quality of the ingredients.

Loading for the process takes place just above waist level.

Through installation of a Tecmach pallet lift, the operator was able to stop the lift anywhere between the closed and fully open height of the lift.

When offloading pallets a layer at a time, the operator could move the lift up so that each layer was easily accessible.

This meant that the bottom layer on the pallet was as easy to lift off as the top layer.

This made the process a one-man operation.

The Tecmach low-profile pallet lift table, with a closed height of 80mm, can be supplied in flat top or U format in situations when Euro-Pallets are to be used.

A range of platform sizes means that whatever pallet is used there is a scissor lift to match.

Taking loads of up to two tonnes, it is possible to keep the top layer of product at the optimum height for filling the hopper, for example.

The height can be controlled via a pushbutton or foot control station; alternatively, the lift can be supplied with semi or fully automatic lifting as each layer is cleared.

For the food industry, the lifts can be supplied in a number of finishes including white epoxy paint and can be manufactured in part or full stainless-steel construction.

While the hydraulic system is filled with food-quality oil and fitted with fine filters to prevent contaminating the oil with fine particles such as flour.

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