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The IEF Werner Ecostack pallet system, available from Rodriguez, is designed for light pallets and can be integrated into assembly lines or combined with existing handling systems such as robots.

Ecostack efficiently transfers raw parts, semi-finished products or sub-assembled components to an assembly station or machine and then unloads them, once processing is complete.

It is a flexible solution that can be applied to almost every palletising task that requires precise and effective automation.

Pallets are taken individually from the bottom of the loading stack, placed on the transport belt and presented to the processing station.

On completion of the process they are individually transferred to the bottom of the unload stack and carried upwards to be integrated into the processed pallet stack.

Operator safety is assured by integral safety covers and no additional guarding is required within the pallet stack area.

For greater flexibility, Ecostack can be fitted with the IEF Werner Rotaryarm, which has a range of 399mm, and an optional NC rotary axis for the gripper can also be specified.

The combination of Ecostack and Rotaryarm is claimed to provide a very fast pick-and-place system for any application that requires an effective and precise automation solution.

Other compatible handling options include IEF Werner X-Y-Z axis systems and SCARA or six-axis robots.

Ecostack is designed to be very economical to run.

Unlike other pallet systems it does not require compressed air, therefore electrical consumption costs can be as little as 8 Euros per year, based on running without component handling for single shift operation.

Ecostack has a compact footprint and is able to process pallets of different sizes between 300 x 400 x 20mm and 400 x 600 x 150mm.

The system can accommodate loaded pallets with a combined weight of up to 60kg.

Multiple Ecostack systems working in unison can also be used to simplify complex processes.

For example, they could be used to allow the separation of good and reject parts, or the segregation of parts that need to be reworked.

Ecostack is one of a wide range of pallet systems designed and manufactured by IEF Werner, all of which are available from sole UK supplier, R A Rodriguez.

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