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Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has launched the P100 pallet washers, which are said to be particularly suitable for applications in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The washers offer a throughput of up to 100 pallets per hour, increased washing efficiency and enhanced construction.

The P100 machines can optionally be supplied with an economical high-efficiency single-stage drying system that uses an air knife to deliver pallets that are, in almost all applications, dry enough for immediate re-use.

Multi-stage driers are also available for applications where total dryness is crucial.

The maximum throughput of the machines has been increased by a factor of four compared with IWM’s older models, making them suitable for use in busy environments.

Higher-power pumps for the washing system have also been incorporated.

These produce more powerful jets with increased volume, which offer enhanced washing performance that is particularly useful when dealing with heavily soiled pallets.

The overall design of the machine has also been upgraded to maintain its robustness, ensuring that it will have a long and reliable life even in tough operating conditions, while eliminating flat surfaces, joins and creases in its construction, making it easier to clean and improving its hygienic characteristics.

The P100 models have been designed to be economical in their use of water and energy, thereby minimising their environmental impact and running costs.

Water and detergent are re-circulated from a heated tank to provide economical operation of the sustained jet washing system used to clean the pallets and, in standard machines, the cold-water rinse incorporates precision solenoid valve control to ensure efficient use of water from the mains.

In addition to providing drying sections, IWM offers a range of other customisation options for its P100 pallet washers.

Examples include hot water and/or chemically assisted rinsing, extended conveyor in-feed and out-feed systems, and stacking/de-stacking facilities.

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