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The NISE 110 is a palm-sized fanless industrial computer suitable for automating: packaging, printing or moulding machines; power-management devices; and elevator and security-signal control.

It is equipped with two CAN Bus and two RS232 interfaces.

Complete with onboard 600MHz Intel EP80579 Tolapai CPU, NISE 110 is the ideal solution for space-critical computing environments or for use as a local controller within industrial automation applications.

NISE 110 provides two CAN bus interfaces (protocol 2.0B) that support both 11 and 29bit identifiers and bit rates up to 1Mbps.

In addition to CAN bus, for increased flexibility NISE 110 also offers a variety of other communication interfaces, including IEEE1394a, dual Gbe LAN and two RS232s.

NISE 110 is therefore perfect for networking intelligent devices as well as sensors and actuators within a machine or plant.

It will therefore find applications as a field bus within general automation environments as part of a digital communication network.

Housed in a robust aluminium chassis measuring 185 x 131 x 54mm, NISE 110 is perfect for reduced-space applications that require industrial-grade reliability.

NISE 110 has a low-power consumption of less than 30W and 12V DC power input.

NISE 110 is suitable for machine automation (packaging, printing or moulding machines, power management devices) and building automation (including elevator control and security-signal control).

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