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Panalytical is launching the 2830 ZT wafer analyser at Semicon Japan 2008, 3-5 December.

The 2830 ZT wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) instrument offers users accurate determination of layer composition, thickness, contamination, dopant levels and surface uniformity on wafers up to 300mm.

It provides simultaneous measurement of up to 24 elements on stacks of up to 16 layers.

A host of features, including the 4kW SST-Max tube with Zeta technology, ensures that the system delivers and maintains fast multi-layer analysis with precision.

Zeta technology eliminates X-ray tube ageing, which enhances operational efficiency and reduces the need for drift correction and recalibration.

Productivity and instrument uptime are improved as a result.

Furthermore, SST-Max allows operation at a constant current of 160mA, which the company said delivers high sensitivity for exceptional light element performance.

The 2830 ZT is supplied with Panalytical’s SuperQ software, which includes the FP Multi.

The user interface ensures that even inexperienced operators can carry out automated fundamental parameter analysis of multi-layers.

The 2830 ZT meets all current industry standards to provide automated, contamination-free wafer handling.

With a small footprint and various wafer loading options, ranging from manual to automatic, the 2830 ZT integrates into any fabrication environment.

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