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American Industrial Systems has launched a range of industrial touch-screen panel PCs featuring CAN-bus interface support for industrial automation, marine and automotive applications.

The operator panel PCs feature industrial grade LCD panels for high performance and long product lifecycle.

Additional touch screens are available in several technologies, including resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave (SAW), and infrared (IR), to meet human-machine interface (HMI) demands in various environments.

American Industrial Systems’ (AIS) all-in-one HMI controlled area network (CAN) bus terminal is said to provide a cost-effective pre-designed solution for users to control, monitor and program CAN-bus systems.

The touch-screen industrial panel PCs are available in several mechanical designs, including open frame, panel mount, IP65/Nema4 bezel, and chassis housings.

All units are encased in a steel chassis, protecting the components from harsh industrial conditions such as shock/vibration, extreme temperatures, water and dust, and corrosive chemicals.

Standard Vesa mounts or mounting clips are available for easy mounting to any fixtures.

AIS’s CAN-bus terminals are designed to be reliable, offer long lifetime support and availability, high performance, easily programmable and accessed supporting a non-proprietary-hardware based solution.

With touch-screen capability, ruggedised housing and several I/O connections, the AIS’s rugged panel PC is described as a powerful and cost-effective system that is available commercially off-the-shelf and easily deployable into build, factory and industrial automation applications.

American Industrial Systems

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