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Water quality engineering firm Panton McLeod has played an important role in ensuring that a new water treatment works in the Scottish borders remains on supply.

Panton McLeod sent a team of engineers to provide a de-chlorination service at the Roberton works in Hawick – to make sure that the facility will provide the purest drinking water to tens of thousands of households in the area.

The Panton McLeod team carried out one the final pieces of work at the facility to check it was ready to be put into service.

Over two days, engineers treated and de-chlorinated millions of litres of water that was sent through the facility to test its operational capacity and to check for any faults.

Barclay Smart, civil engineer at Panton McLeod, said: ‘The Hawick water treatment works will provide drinking water for a large section of the borders when it is fully operational.

‘Although all of the construction work had already been completed on the site when we were called to Roberton, the facility still needed to be tested first, to ensure that it was ready to be put into service.

‘To do this, the main storage tanks were filled with millions of litres of water to check that they would work at full capacity, which was then passed through the whole facility to ensure it functioned perfectly.

‘Our team was tasked with de-chlorinating and neutralising all of this clean water as it is passed through the facility.

‘The water has to contain chlorine to ensure that the facility remains clean during the test, but it has to be de-chlorinated correctly afterwards – otherwise you cannot safely discharge it back into the local water course,’ he added.

For the past 15 years, Panton McLeod has provided expertise in cleaning and repairing water structures across Scotland.

Earlier this year, the firm agreed a new deal with Scottish Water – arranged as part of an ongoing price and supply agreement – that will see it clean and disinfect more than 400 service reservoirs and water tanks across the Ness, Don, Tayside and Ayrshire regions, helping to further improve water purity for customers in Scotland.

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