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Par Systems of Michigan has integrated KMT Waterjet high-pressure intensifiers into its Vector waterjet cutting system.

Par Systems has a history of providing robust automation solutions for demanding industry applications.

The company’s experience includes the design and manufacture of robots and telerobotic manipulators as well as their integration within automation solutions and material handling systems.

Its Vector waterjet is a fully integrated five-axis cutting system that uses high-pressure water and abrasive to cut virtually any material used in the aerospace industry.

It is being supplied to aerospace component and system manufacturers throughout the world.

The five axes of integrated motion of the cutting system allows the cutting head to maintain tool normality to the part surface and maintain high cut part accuracy.

Customers now benefit from the 60,000lb/in2 pressure generated by the KMT intensifier at the cutting head, which allows the company to achieve the required cutting capacity for the vast array of metallic, exotic and non-metallic materials that it uses.

The Vector waterjet cutting system is controlled by the CIMROC 5/21 controller from Par Systems, which provides the precision motion control necessary for complex five-axis cutting.

It comes standard with a teach pendant to allow manual positioning within the work cell.

The system’s ability to perform full 4×4 part transformations to accurately reposition parts in the work envelope makes it suitable for long parts and adjustable fixturing.

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