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Paragon Electronic Components’ kitting solution is intended to eliminate hidden costs from manufacturers’ procurement processes.

Known as Total Component Management (TCM), the Paragon approach to kitting manages the series of complex logistical tasks required to create and deliver a bill of materials (BOM) ready to enter production without the need for further inspection or preparation.

The company introduced TCM in 1991, having recognised the cost impact of inefficiencies and delays in supply chains, along with the value of a complete BOM ready to use on the factory floor.

Today, the service delivers resources to companies while reducing their total cost of acquisition by eliminating the hidden expenses involved at every stage of component purchase, from vendor management through to obsolescence, lead-time issues and payment processes.

With TCM activities including pre-production kitting, components arrive on the factory floor simultaneously and are ready to use, since preparation such as lead pre-forming and device programming is already complete.

Equipped to manage complex BOMs, TCM saves time and money and increases flexibility through its Kanban setup, according to Paragon.

A quality control system is designed to ensure the effective management of supply-chain issues such as counterfeit components and RoHS requirements.

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