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A fuel filtration system from the Racor Division of Parker Hannifin is helping to ensure that diesel fuel supplied by Tollesbury Marina to boat owners is of high quality.

The system helps to ensure that the fuel is free of moisture, microbial growths and particles, protecting engines and generators while on the water.

Tollesbury Marina is situated in the mouth of the river Blackwater in Essex and provides a wide range of services to boat owners, including yacht brokerage, new boat sales, yacht chandlery, workshops and boat repairs.

The availability of clean, dry fuel is key to the successful operation of the marina.

The business must ensure that all free water, microbiological growth and other contaminants often found in diesel are removed before the fuel is supplied to boat owners.

As a result, the company selected and installed the Parker Racor FBO fuel filter water separator to its bulk storage tank.

Julian Goldie, managing partner at Tollesbury Marina, explained: ‘The FBO fuel filter was the ideal solution for our fuel filtration and water removal needs.

‘Cleaning the fuel at this stage extends the life of the onboard filtration system and minimises the risk of fuel system failure at sea,’ he added.

The FBO is a pleated depth filter that removes 100 per cent of free water, as well as microbiological growth and other contaminants that are often found in diesel storage tanks.

The filters have a flow rate of up to 284 litres per minute and can be used for the removal of water and contaminants in most hydrocarbon-based fuels, including petrol and kerosene, as well as diesel.

The closure hardware consists of metal hand knobs and a slotted locking ring collar, making maintenance and filter replacement quick and simple without the need for hand tools.

The filters also feature a manual drain valve, sight glass, differential pressure indicators, mounting brackets and an optional water sensor, to improve efficiency still further.

The correct disposal of the used filter cartridges was also a key deciding factor when specifying the technology.

The standard construction of the Racor filters contains no metal components, which allows spent cartridges to be easily crushed or incinerated to reduce disposal costs and environmental impact.

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