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Parker Hannifin has introduced a new grade of 6Mo tubing for use in harsh and corrosive environments. The mechanical characteristics of the tubing have been optimised to ensure the integrity of connections made using instrumentation compression-type fittings from the company’s Instrumentation Products Division.

Parker’s tube fittings are made using a special-purpose corrosion-resistant alloy that is said to be the material of choice for many systems on new and refurbished North Sea oil and gas production platforms.

Containing at least six per cent molybdenum, 6Mo alloy is a super-austenitic stainless steel. The material is more resistant to chloride-induced pitting, crevice attack and stress corrosion cracking than standard 300 series or duplex stainless steel, making it particularly suitable for offshore applications requiring durability and reliability in a hostile environment.

The company produces 6Mo versions of various types of instrumentation tube fittings, together with a series of 6Mo tubing clamps, and can also machine instrument valves and manifolds using the material.

Specification information

  • Many instrumentation system designers specify two-ferrule compression fittings for the assembly of small-bore tubing, with the 6Mo version of Parker’s A-Lok design proving a popular choice for today’s offshore projects.
  • As with all two-ferrule fittings, the rear ferrule needs to be harder than the tube it is gripping so that it ‘bites’ into the tube material during assembly, helping to create a reliable, pressure-tight seal.
  • Parker Hannifin hardens the rear ferrule of 6Mo A-Lok fittings using its Suparcase process, which provides excellent corrosion resistance.
  • When ordering instrumentation tubing, customers often simply specify an ASTM standard to their supplier; these standards do not always guarantee an optimum material property for a high-integrity tube and fitting combination.
  • The result can be tubing that is harder than necessary, for example, and therefore less than ideal for use with twin-ferrule compression fittings.
  • Parker Hannifin ensures that all tubing stocked by the company and its distributors is fully compatible with its range of fittings.
  • The company has defined a stringent specification and tolerances for its manufacture that allows the material’s properties to be controlled very precisely.
  • Parker-grade 6Mo instrumentation tubing is available in a range of imperial and metric sizes up to 1in/25mm OD, and its 6Mo A-Lok two-ferrule compression fittings are suitable for the majority of topside applications involving pressures of up to 413bar/6,000psi.

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