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Parker-Pradifa has unveiled the HL profile series of rod seals.

Their pressure-activated, cascading dynamic sealing lips, in combination with P6030, a sealing material, reduce static and dynamic friction.

Compared with conventional U-rings, the Ultrathan HL rod seal can reduce friction-related losses by 30 to 70 per cent, depending on load.

The resulting higher efficiency of hydraulic systems leads to significant energy savings.

Friction-optimised seals for hydraulic cylinders also cut costs related to downtime and maintenance.

The HL profile causes the sealing edges of the dynamic sealing lips to successively contact the mating surface as system pressure rises.

This significantly reduces friction in the pressureless state and in low-pressure conditions.

The sealing effect increases with the number of sealing edges.

At the same time, dynamic friction slightly increases as the contact area enlarges.

Overall, however, it remains at a very low level.

Since only the primary sealing edge is engaged in pressureless conditions, the functional principle minimises the high breakaway friction typically occurring after prolonged downtime.

The small contact area reduces the generation of heat and friction, allowing higher travel speeds.

Depending on the system pressure applied, the individual sealing lips of the rod seal are activated by the deformation of the seal’s cross-section.

This reduces the amount of oil seepage that occurs during the cylinder stroke, and thus increases the sealing effect.

In case of slow travel speeds, the risk of stick-slip is nearly excluded.

The P6030 material has been specifically designed for low-friction fluid power applications.

In addition to good media resistance, it exhibits increased temperature and wear resistance as well as low compression set.

It is resistant to mineral oil-based hydraulic oils and PAO fluids.

Materials for bio-fluids (HEES and HETG) are available as well.

The HL rod seal can be used as a single seal with a wiper and as a secondary seal in a sealing system behind a primary or buffer seal.

The seals have been designed for a maximum operating pressure of 250bar, at operating temperatures between -35 and +110C.

The HL Ultrathan rod seal is suitable for a wide range of hydraulic applications requiring minimal friction, such as lifting platforms, loading gates, forklift trucks and lift trucks.

Test cylinders, automation cylinders, cylinders for agricultural equipment and gas springs are other typical fields of application.

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