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Parker Hannifin, based in Mainz-Kastel, Germany, has replaced the steel components of its RSD quick couplings with the Victrex Peek polymer.

The company wanted to replace the components with one single injection-moulded part that reduced the number of components to be assembled and that controlled the overall production costs.

The RSD couplings are used to connect and disconnect the hydraulic lines between a tractor and its various items of equipment (a trailer or a plough, for example) without using any tools.

The technology of the RSD coupling allows for the completely safe connection of a male connector, whether pressurised or not, under adverse conditions, such as under a maximum pressure of 250bar (3,626psi), and withstands a return flow rate that may reach 190 litres per minute (50.2 gallons per minute) and even beyond for a few seconds at a temperature close to 120C (248F).

David Aragones, project manager at Parker Hannifin, said: ‘Apart from the high performance demanded of the coupling, it was essential for us to control our production costs by reducing the number of metal components.

‘Consequently, we sought a multipurpose material that was both highly flexible and capable of withstanding high loads over a wide range of temperatures in order to allow us to incorporate as many functions as possible in the clip,’ he added.

The Victrex Peek polymer valve minimises the number of components in motion during connection and disconnection.

The shape of the clip and the elasticity and the fatigue resistance of the material ensure the reliable and durable connection of the pressurised male connector.

Aragones continued: ‘The use of this high-performance plastic has allowed us to offer an entirely innovative, patented design.

‘These connectors are particularly valued for their pressure-resistant characteristics and their compactness,’ he said.

Didier Padey, market development manager at Victrex Europe, said: ‘Victrex Peek polymer retains its mechanical properties even in aggressive environments at high temperatures.

‘Apart from its outstanding thermal performance, it also presents a unique combination of properties; in this case, it is the mechanical resistance and ductility, even under the most adverse conditions, that led to the specification of the Victrex Peek polymer for the valve clip of the RSD hydraulic couplings from Parker,’ he added.

Parker has achieved increased design freedom and simplified implementation by injection moulding, while improving the functions of its RSD coupling.

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