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Parker Domnick Hunter will showcase its Maxigas and Midigas nitrogen gas generators, suitable for food industry applications, at Gulfood 2011 from 27 February until 2 March in Dubai.

According to the company, which will be found on Stand S1-A51 in the Sheikh Saeed Hall, interest in nitrogen gas generation remains high in the food industry, predominantly owing to the importance of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), a technique that helps to maintain product freshness and quality and that extends shelf life.

The compact, modular and self-contained Maxigas and Midigas systems provide businesses with a cost-effective and practical method of generating their own nitrogen on site from a conventional supply of compressed air.

By providing a high-performance and energy-efficient system that produces nitrogen on demand, Maxigas and Midigas eliminate the need for traditional gas bottles and bulk storage facilities, which are costly, present health and safety issues and typically involve large numbers of freight movements.

Parker claims that Maxigas was the first gas generation system able to deliver a reliable supply of nitrogen at a guaranteed, consistent purity, while offering improvements in energy efficiency.

In addition, the modular design facilitates transportation, installation and servicing when compared with existing supply options, while the user-friendly systems can be expanded at a later date if the demand for nitrogen increases.

A fully operational Midigas nitrogen generator will be on display at the show and will demonstrate how food-grade nitrogen can be produced from a standard compressed-air supply safely and cost effectively.

The Midigas and Maxigas models have been developed as compact, standalone units that allow food-processing and packaging companies to produce their own supply of nitrogen in situ and on demand.

With investment payback typically being within 12-24 months and ongoing cost savings of up to 90 per cent, the generators are capable of producing an immediate supply of high-purity nitrogen safely and reliably.

The Midigas and Maxigas generators are claimed to be quick and easy to install, requiring only power and compressed-air connections, and are modular in design, enabling each system to be extended as and when nitrogen requirements increase.

The systems use pressure swing adsorption technology, with pairs of extruded aluminium modular columns filled with carbon molecular sieves to adsorb oxygen from a compressed-air supply.

The larger nitrogen molecules pass through each sieve to a storage vessel, from where the nitrogen can be supplied at carefully controlled pressures as a carrier, make-up or purge gas.

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