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Parker Hannifin has launched the latest No-Frills version of its Racor Village Marine water purification system.

The series now comes with CE certification as standard.

The new package makes achieving a readily available supply of freshwater at sea more affordable; the package features all the standard core components of the Village Marine Tec water purifiers but without the electronic ‘frills’, according to the company.

The AC- or engine-driven modular configurations of the No-Frills system are available in capacities from approximately 2,000 litres per day to 9,000 litres per day, meeting the freshwater needs of a range of boats.

This makes drinking water and all the conveniences of home, from washing machines to showers, available on board.

The latest No-Frills models have undergone safety testing to ensure that they conform to the following European Union directives and harmonised standards: 98/37/EC – Machinery Directive; EN60204-1 Safety of Machinery, Electrical Equipment of Machines; EN12100-2 Safety of Machinery, Basic Concepts and Principles, General Principles for Design; IEC60529 Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures; and Pressure Vessel Verification – Sound Engineering Practice.

The No-Frills systems feature a corrosion-resistant titanium high-pressure pump for low vibration and noise; a magnetic-drive low-pressure pump, which provides up to 0.7bar of boost pressure to the filtration system; 316 stainless-steel pressure regulators and fittings; and special high-rejection Aquapro membranes.

A freshwater flush system is also included as standard.

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