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Parker-Pradifa has developed the TPU material P5600, which exhibits high resistance to aggressive media and is produced from renewable, recyclable raw materials.

The improvements made to the sealing material, which is primarily used in the chemical and food processing industries, as well as in water treatment systems, include a further extension of the temperature range and better dynamic performance.

P5600 also offers considerable cost advantages to users through high wear resistance and stability in a wide range of extreme media, leading to long service life and prolonged maintenance intervals.

Besides its use in standard products like rod and piston seals, O-rings, wiper elements, membranes, etc, P5600 is suitable for all other moulded parts.

The mechanical properties of conventional polyurethanes are severely degraded in aqueous media, acids and caustic solutions within a very short period of time.

P5600, however, has been developed for use in aggressive media in pumps and fittings, as well as in measuring and control components, and is permanently resistant in temperatures ranging from -30 to +85C (short-term up to 120C).

Thanks to its high hydrolysis resistance, P5600 is suitable for use in waste water treatment components.

P5600 is also suitable for processing technology components like pumps, filling and shutoff valves for food processing systems.

The material meets the criteria of EU Directive 2002/77/EC for use with aqueous and alcoholic foodstuffs.

This gives the user assurance that no undesirable ingredients will migrate from the material in food processing applications.

P5600 is therefore suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs.

In addition, P5600 is permanently resistant to numerous media used in textile and pulp production, galvanising, and production of basic chemical substances.

Various field applications confirm P5600’s successful use as an abrasion-resistant and non-hardening sealing material.

Examples include the filling process for tomato paste, pneumatic control units for battery acid filling equipment, dosing pumps in a filling system for hot, alkaline soap as well as vacuum toilet systems on the ICE high-speed train.

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